How We Make Top Quality Balloons For You

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How We Make Top Quality Balloons For You

Sweet Balloons gets counted among the leading online stores to buy helium balloons in London. Our comprehensive range and quality of balloons have enabled us to win the trust of customers. Subsequently, their trust has pushed us to the top. Their appreciation encourages us a lot to keep delivering top-quality personalized balloons to them.  

Major Components For Manufacturing Balloons

Let us share some insights on how we make high-quality personalized balloons. The process of manufacturing party balloons usually involves dipping a mould in liquid latex. The mould looks like a deflated balloon and is usually made of either stainless steel, aluminium, or porcelain. Their smooth finishing polishing determines their quality.  

Process Of Manufacturing Party Balloons    

The initial stage of manufacturing party balloons requires the preparation of latex. It may need to be coloured as per need. It is done by adding a pigment into the latex. Then, it poured into significantly huge tanks where forms are dipped. The latex is kept at a certain temperature while assuring constant stirring to avoid settling. 

Before dipping the moulds into latex, it is necessary to heat them. While it is immersed in the tank, the coagulant solution present in the tank causes the rubber to create a film around the moulds. The coagulant solution is a mixture of water, soap, calcium-based salt, and talc powder. Soap is helpful in attaining even spread while talc helps in the quick removal of the rubber from the moulds.

The moulds are heated in the temperature range between 100°F (38°C) and 200°F (93°C). It is needed to be immersed and removed from the tank at an optimal speed to avoid air bubbles while ensuring even thickness. The longer the mould remains in the tank, the thicker the film of the rubber coat will be. Thus, it is usually kept just for a few seconds, since a thin coating is fine for good quality party balloons

The final stages of manufacturing personalised balloons involve making rings at the openings. It is done by rolling the balloons by the edge with the help of rollers. Now, the moulds are put into the tank of plain water or leaching solution to dissolve and remove the excess coagulant. The rubber from the mould is required to be extracted carefully. Thus it is a friend and cured. It is preferable to use latex that already contains a vulcanising agent, enabling it to get dried even at a moderate temperature. 

The last stage of making personalised balloons is to carefully remove the balloons from the mould. It can be done either manually or by blowing them off with water spray. Then the balloons are kept to dry in large tumble dryers. Then sent to further processes of packing and delivery.  

Get Top-notch Personalised Balloons in London From Sweet Balloons

If you are looking to buy personalised balloons in London, then Sweet Balloons is the perfect place for you. Explore the huge range of balloons having different colours, shapes and sizes. You get to buy helium balloons at highly competitive prices. Accomplish your requirement of party balloons easily with Sweet Balloons. 

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